"Best of the Best" from the Discussion Forum

The suggestions and ideas below are taken from the discussion forum and posted here as short cuts to the really good stuff. 

9 September 2010, Admin, "Five Simple Steps to a Successful D2G Program"  (1) Study: Obtain the manual "Fulfilling My Duty to God, For Aaronic Priesthood Holders", and study it.  (2) Teach: Help others understand the purpose of the program and the blessings available to those who engage.  (3) Plan: Hold monthly presidency meetings and plan to complete D2G requirements as a quorum one, or two, weeks a month during Sunday quorum instruction and on Mutual night.  (4) Record: Place  "Fulfilling My Duty to God, For Aaronic Priesthood Holders" in scripture cases.  Open this progress record every week during quorum meeting business and record requirements completed as individuals and as a quorum.  (5) Recognize:  Regularly recognize young men for D2G progress; including issuing the completion certificates in sacrament meeting when presented for priesthood advancement.