Reference Materials

The following documents are user-submitted tools or training materials  found on the web to help with the implementation of the New Duty to God program.  User-submitted documents are posted "as is" so please review them for accuracy and completeness before using.  If you find a document to be incomplete or inaccurate, please update and resubmit it to kfinch(at) earthlink (dot)net or post it in the Discussion Forum.  For information related to the effective use these documents, refer to the Best Practice section or Discussion Forum. 

11/29/10 Shawn Matheson Deacon / Teacher / Priest Tracking New DTG Tracking Sheet
08/29/10 Paul Hart Deacon / Teacher / Priest Tracking New DTG Progress Chart
08/01/10 Memorandum Instructions for Bishops Implementation of the new Duty to God Program
09/09/10 Memorandum Frequently Asked Questions Questions and Answers about the New Duty to God Program
09/09/10 Training Video For Young Men, Parents, and Leaders Implementation Video for Young Men, Parents, and Leaders
09/09/10 Training Video For Quorum Presidencies Implementation Video for Quorum Presidencies
04/03/10 David L. Beck General Conference, Priesthood The Magnificent Aaronic Priesthood
04/04/10 Robert D. Hales General Conference, Sunday Our Duty to God: The Mission of Parents and Leaders to the Rising Generation
04/03/10 Henry B Eyring General Conference, Saturday Help Them on Their Way
10/06/01 Robert D Hales General Conference, Priesthood Fulfilling Our Duty to God